Sunday, February 28, 2010

On the Passing of GAS

Gear Acquisition Syndrome seems to be the bane of many guitarists. Go to any guitar forum and the majority of the attention seems to be focused upon what gear people own and, more often, what gear those people wish they owned to go with what they already have -- what they would buy or replace if they had the money to do so and whatnot.

Five months ago I was listening to a lot of Jeff Beck and Dada and got the jonez for a strat -- or at least for something with a trem and a chunkier neck than my Hag. Two months later I was playing acoustic and looking at OMs with envy. Had I given into my urges I would probably have picked up one of each. Neither one would have made me a better player, though.

Not sure why, but even though I never stop looking at new guitars, I'm really not all that interested in actually getting one right now. I've got my Hag and my Fender acoustic, my Toneport GX and my Vox DA5 and I really don't care if I get anything more in the near future. I've decided to stick with what I have and see what I can do with it, which, in these days of modeling technology, is actually a whole lot. I've got more sounds at my disposal than Pink Floyd had in its heyday. Seriously. Getting another guitar would not add much in the way of variety. It would not transform what I was playing into something wholly new. Only I can do that by becoming a different sort of player, and the biggest changes in my playing come as a response to playing with filters and delays and other effects that change the characteristics of the waveforms that my guitar generates. Throw a couple really wacked out filter effects on and play the same notes you already know from something and try to work with the time and feel constraints and before you know it you are playing something that sounds entirely new and different.

I'm not chasing a sound in my head. I'm discovering the music that's in the sounds I already have. And I don't need anything new to discover those at the moment.

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