Friday, August 13, 2010

Product Delays?

I have a habit of going to the different virtual guitar amp sites in order to see when they update and put out another demo version of their software. I like playing around with the different suites and seeing what they can do. I did an extensive comparison review a while back in case you are interested (along with a later revisit I did when I got new model packs and an updated demo of Guitar Rig). One of the things these constant visits to the various virtual amp software makers has convinced me of is that Peavey, despite its decent software, is still essentially a brick-and-mortar company with no web savvy.

Case in point. I went there this week to see if they had any new info on the iPhone amp rig they are developing with Agile Partners, (not to be confused with Agile Guitars, marketed by Rondo Music). Nothing new, despite the fact that they have to play catch-up with the iRig. They really need to pay attention to how the video game franchises do it and feed the tech nerds a constant diet of updates.

While I was poking around Peavey's terrible corporate website I navved over to the press page and saw some press releases from Winter NAMM talking about the upcoming ReValver Mk. III.V release set for, (according to Peavey in January), Q2 2010 -- *last* quarter. No news since then. No mention of the coming update on the webpage for ReValver itself. No reviews of the current software since 2008.

C'mon, Peavey. I know you are un-hip, but this is no way to build your software side. You have to let people know that you have new and better stuff on the way and convince us that we should buy your current version now (at an attractive discount) so that you can get us used to using it. Then when the new version comes out you can sell us the upgrade for a little more (rather than having to convince people to shell out $250 all over again). It's not an amp, it's a software franchise.

I will confess. I like ReValver a lot. It's grown on me. I still mess with the demo long after having deleted GTR3 and AmpliTube (which was good, but did not give me enough time to evaluate it fully before they spiked the demo with enough white noise to make me not want to finish evaluating it). I mess with it more than with Guitar Rig 4. The difference is that, despite my liking ReValver and having fun messing with it, I don't trust Peavey to support it. I know that Line 6 and Native Instruments are always working on their software because they tell me what they are doing. That commitment means a lot. With Peavey it always seems like the software is a novelty that could become an orphan at any moment.

Not a good impression to make when you are trying to get people to spend a couple Benjamins.

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