Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thoughts About AmpKit LINK

Looks like AmpKit and AmpKit LINK are out now and people have begun reviewing them. Here's a couple vids to get you started, followed by my own reactions and comments.

TechfastLunch&Dinner gives us a video unboxing of the AmpKit LINK followed by a demo review of the free version of AmpKit. This one lets you hear the app live and watch the player on an embedded screen, which is nice. It's also good to be able to see what the free version of the app can do before being tempted to drop the cash for the full version.

BigGeekReviews gives us a two part review of the software that includes a very thorough demo of what it's like using and tweaking the (looks like) full version of AmpKit and a very useful, if brief, comparison to the iRig hardware. He goes through some backing tracks so you can hear how changes in the settings affect the tone and he includes a recording and some live playing so that you get an idea of the software's capabilities. He also confirms in comments that the hardware works with third party virtual guutar amp apps for the iPhone.

This last bit is very good news as it means that you can choose your hardware based entirely on its performance and not the performance of your software. It also means that once you choose your hardware you can comparison shop your software independently, as I explained in my previous post on the subject. As long as the hardware sends a clean signal and has no latency you can pick it up with no fear that the app software is going to become outdated if the company drops it or loses the market to another app. You can switch to the newer or better app later. If BigGeekReviews is correct, this means that the LINK is the best hardware to date for the iPhone market.

Also, given what I said earlier about Peavey's lack of visible support for ReValver, I am reassured that AgilePartners (the actual developer) seems to be much more web savvy and responsive than Peavey and they need this product more. As a result I'd trust them more than I would Peavey to keep their product on a front burner.

In short: it's looking good for the AmpKit LINK right now.

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