Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ReValver III.5 Demo Out

Haven't seen much about this anywhere yet.

I've given Peavey a lot of stick on this blog for their poor support of their software. (To be fair it looks like a lot of that has to do with how much involvement the development partner takes in the product that Peavey is distributing). Nevertheless, I do want to take a moment to acknowledge that ReValver III.5 finally came out on their website at Winter NAMM and that you can download a demo of it for evaluation while you are waiting to see if the old stock ever sells and the new version starts appearing on the shelves.

If you go back and check my three-part comparison review of the Revalver III demo you'll see that I disliked the interface for the speaker/mic combos and the overall dryness of the sounds. Since that review I got a little better at using the reverb and delay on ReValver and my overall assessment of the software went up accordingly. It still never usurped the place of Guitar Rig in my estimation or the combination of value and fun delivered by Pod Farm.

I haven't been playing guitar a lot in the last month, but I have played around with the ReValver III.5 update demo enough to say that it is much easier to navigate the cab/mic choices this time around and the amp sims seem to have fewer digital artifacts swimming in the mix. They've added a few new amps to the mix as well, but those additions are far less of a game changer than the changes made to look and feel. This is finally beginning to feel a little more user-friendly and a little less like trying to find a decent studio sound in a rathole studio full of old equipment -- but without the vibe and atmosphere of the real thing.

Hopefully they will take a more active role with this release because with decent support and marketing they could well do some damage to the competition both in the studio and as a direct-in option live. Still not sure I would take it over Guitar Rig, but the choice has gotten a lot harder.

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