Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nothing Much To Begin

I'm making this blog in order to have a place to post my thoughts on all matters guitar. I've been playing on and off for years -- pretty basic stuff, mostly -- and I pretty much suck as a guitarist. There are pre-teens that have made more progress in a year of playing than I have in all my years. That's okay with me. I only do this because I like playing. I get to make sounds not entirely unlike music, some of which are pretty enough to keep my partner from leaving the room when I play and have fun doing it with absolutely no bad consequences when I screw up. Not a bad gig, all in all.

That said, I love guitar just as much as the next, better player. And I love *my* guitars just as much as the next gearhead. And I love finding new sounds to make with them. I live in an apartment, so my primary setup is running my Hagstrom Swede through a Line 6 USB audio interface into an iMac running any one of a half-dozen virtual hardware sims, demo or full, to satisfy my jones for tones. I use these to play loudly and badly for about an hour every day.

I might write up a review of some of these things in the near future or put together my thoughts on strings, or finally get my thoughts out on why 95% of what I read on the internet about scale lengths and pickup placement and whatnot is a complete load of crap. We'll see.

After all, I have lots of other writing that I'm paid to do, and a guitar that I could be thrashing instead of writing stuff like this.

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